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Child with poor vision is touching the wooden tactile rolls of different texture and colour

What Is The Montessori Method That We Use in Our Purley Childcare Setting?

What is Montessori?: Welcome

All About The Montessori Approach

You can find Montessori schools all over the world since the development of the method by Maria Montessori nearly 100 years ago. 

This is a holistic approach that recognises birth to 6 years old as a time when children have the best capacity for learning. The Montessori environment allows children to be inquisitive and learn through activities and the freedom to explore. When given the ability to make choices, children develop into more proactive and enthusiastic learners that are self-motivated and independent. The approach encourages children to have a respect for others, their environment, and most importantly, themselves. A Montessori environment is centred around the child to meet their development needs. 

Learn more about our childcare setting, based in Purley, now, or get in touch to find out more. 

What is Montessori?: About Us

The 5 Core Principles


Respect for The Child

Respect is shown in many ways including not interrupting a child's concentration and giving them the freedom to choose  for themselves.

Music Class

The Absorbent Mind

The belief that simply by being, children are always learning through their surrounding.

Sensitive Periods

There are periods in a child's development where they are more sensitive to learn certain skills.

Day Care

The Prepared Environment

Children learn well when an environment has been prepared to allow them to do things independently and with freedom of choice.

Portrait Of Smiling Girl In Park

Auto Education

The concept that children are able to educate themselves when given the right materials.

What is Montessori?: Features

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What is Montessori?: Text
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